CASEY MACGREGOR – South Pasadena – 2018

I called out on teaching on March 9th because I needed a “mental health” day, which really just means that I needed a little more space to do the other work that I am supposed to do but am barely able to find time for. Lately, I work in the middle of the night. L and I still sleep in the same bed, and he insists on me sleeping with him until he falls asleep. Then I inevitably fall asleep, and then wake some time around 1 to work. I usually eat a bowl of cereal during this time in the middle of the night. All of this is to say that I wanted to avoid that the night before by calling in sick on March 9th. I don’t think my students were too upset. Friday classes are always a wash.
My mental health day consisted of meeting with a woman whom I hardly know, but is doing similar career endeavors and building a therapist practice like myself. And is thinking of having a kid on her own, through assisted technologies. And so I realized in meeting up with her that part of what she wanted to talk about was single-parenting. It was an interesting conversation, and I made the observation that co-parenting with someone you divorced from has a lot of hassles to it and her plan sounded pretty good. I also found out there is a website that exists to help strangers co-parent. I don’t really get how that works. 
Other parts of this mental health day included taking a dance class. Having make-up sex with my boyfriend. Working for approx 1.5 hours on the work that the day was supposed to reserved for. Getting my haircut. Getting my hair dyed for the first time in my life. Going to another dance class – this time a dancehall one. Then seeing a band called Porches with my pal. We knew we would be the oldest ones there, or feel like the oldest ones. We remarked about how we hadn’t been to a show in a long time. We talked about aging, and how we both feel like we are getting thicker. We talked about a friend of his who committed suicide about a year ago. We talked about whether it was ok to “appropriate” queer culture which the singer for Porches is accused of doing. Then I went home.