The winter of fun was ending, and I was starting my first real job in Pasadena. Greg and I were listening to the Velvet Underground in the living room of that north Oakland bungalow, and I was already looking at the past six months of music, cooking and job-hunting like it was the past.

I knew something was ending. And I could only think of one way to stop it.

Right then, on March 9, 1996, he and I took out sheets of paper and wrote about what we had done that day, that very minute. I think we went to see a band that night, I may have played some basketball earlier. I invited other friends to do the same thing. And a few days later, Tom printed 50 or so copies out at the place he worked. And so was born issue one.

The same process, with just a few details changed, has repeated itself every year ever since. And it’s still the same idea: to preserve these memories and remember those faces and celebrate the everyday.

I swear: We’ll keep writing and drawing and remembering as long as we can.


Jack Chang

Forlorn Matterhorn Publications

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