ALLENE ROHRER – Albany – 2016

Today I got lucky.  Today I didn’t have to run upstairs and downstairs all day long setting up meetings, bringing food, water, coffee, then cleaning up after everyone. Today I had enough energy to go to 5 different stores looking for guac-chips (guacamole flavored chips that are green) and pigs-in-a-blanket.  (On said mission to obtain these food items for our St. Patrick’s Day themed happy hour at work this Friday.)  Today I also bought two new tops, one for the company photos and party tomorrow and one because it was too on sale and nice. Today I didn’t hate everyone all day. I’m sure I will tomorrow, however, as I have to set up for meetings and feed the bastards again (then clean up after them). Tomorrow I will think about looking for a new job. Well maybe Friday, tomorrow will be too busy and I won’t even get home before 10 at which point I’ll be exhausted and collapse into bed.

Today I got lucky too because I had the coolest early morning dreams. I was awoken by the (damn) cat at 2 a.m. but refused to give up on sleeping so I lay there in bed just relaxing and breathing deeply. The next thing you know, I was lying on the kitchen floor and wondering how I got there when suddenly my body started to levitate very quickly and fly into the living room. At that point I realized I was dreaming. Then I was in my bed again having dream after dream of dreaming in my bed and suddenly falling through the bed, through the floor into the universe very quickly. I was not afraid, I knew I was dreaming. Then I dreamed of Ed, my dead lover. He was in bed with me, on his usual side when suddenly he sat up and announced, “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack.” Then we had sex (I know, kind of morbid considering he was dead, but he looked alive).