CACHET BERGER – Alameda – 2016

Waking up at 5 am with little fingers on my face. “Mommy, I’m awake” I look at the clock on the ceiling, nope, not yet 5 –  4:54. Sigh.  I start our day. Dad’s outta town for 2 more days…  Make the breakfast, make the lunch and snacks, get the boy dressed and teeth brushed, and get to school on time. Phew – made it another day.

Thankfully my cleaning ladies arrived, because this house is a mess! Confetti still occupying the floor from the previous weekend’s Oscar party. Dog hair balled up under the couch. I just can’t get to it all.

Head over for what I thought would be a just ok massage. Wow – I was delightfully surprised! Or I just really needed it. My back was sore as soon as he put his hands on me. I loved all 60 minutes of it, which felt like 3 hours. I walked out of there high as a kite! It was raining, which matched my relaxed mood.

Got the boy from school and found a great movie to occupy us for two hours, which I was thrilled with. I can only play ball for an hour straight apparently before I need a break. And the movie was in 3D. So strange seeing films like this again. Home for dinner, picked up cheeseburgers and a shake (which was gone before we even made it home).  So, yeah the boy didn’t eat his dinner – oops. We both seemed tired, although not really sure from what. Bath time, jammies, book and bed. Yes, made it another day.

Glass of red wine, and in bed asleep at 8:30, trying to get a head start on the early morning to come.