CACHET BERGER – Oakland – 2014

Waking early in a warm cozy house in Sun Valley, Idaho, with my snoring husband and my 3 year old telling me it’s time to wake. I start the coffee, reminding my son to whisper as everyone else in our vacation house is still slumbering. He and I play ball, roll some dice, start a big fire. The house begins to wake. The excitement of sledding and building more snowmen is building. A quick english muffin in the toaster, a banana and some yogurt, and we begin the process of putting on 12 layers of snow gear to protect us from the sneaky snow that falls into the back of our pants as we tumble down the snow hill. We get out there and do about 6 runs, throw some snowballs and enjoy the crisp sound of snow beneath our feet. As we return from sledding we have some lunch and get ready for a nap, for all of us. Noah, Dylan and I climb into our oversized bed and drift off. An hour and a half later we wake and join the rest of our group. Today is a lazy day, with a big fire roaring, we lounge in comfy chairs, read our books and magazines, and bake some chocolate chipĀ  cookies. As evening approaches, Noah, Josh and I get ready to go out for dinner. We go to the “best restaurant in Idaho” for Asian fusion. Great company, great food. After dinner, we go to a bar for a round of pool. I lose, terribly. We looked into the bar across the street, looking for live music, but to no avail. We return home to a warm cozy house. I go up stairs for a nice long soak in the jacuzzi tub, overlooking the white mountains. I have my last smoke of the day on our bedroom patio, staring a the big dipper, and think how lucky I really am.