DAN SMITH – Sacramento – 2020


Fourteen hand washings today to repel it.

Brain washed of it whenever possible.

Forty years a journalist, now in tourism marketing, so that’s no easy task. Conference calls. Who will fill out the crisis matrix? When will the Chinese tourists come back? Will it get worse before it gets better?

These are things I obsessed about today.

How to wash it away?

Usual M-W-F basketball at 5:30 a.m. Hit some shots for once and made key defensive plays.

Lunch by myself. No phone. No co-workers. No coronavirus.

Blood pressure check at Kaiser. Normal.

A stop at Corti Brothers grocery. Is it safe to touch anything? (STOP!)

New rules with my wife, the college professor: No Coronavirus talk tonight.

Some Bogle Phantom.

Some pasta.

Some Daylight Saving Time with the cat. The grass, it turns out, IS greener.

No TV news.

No social media!

A Lewis Black special, instead. (Democrats are dumb, Republicans are stupid.)

One last hand washing before bed.