DAWN PALEY – Puebla – 2018

March 9 started aboard an ADO bus from Oaxaca to Puebla City, with my dear friends and colleagues Gladys and Claudia. As the bus sped along the dark highways of the Mixteca, Claudia and I talked into the early hours of the morning, while Gladys was fast asleep. We reached the city of Puebla around 4am, and took a taxi home, finally able to rest after a long bout of travel. The three of us reconvened around 10am, having breakfast and coffee and laughing about everything that happened over the days prior. I puttered around, doing the classic post-trip cleaning, washing, and so on, until later afternoon, when I walked over to the big 5 de Mayo market downtown. The atmosphere at the market and the cumbia blasting in the street lifted my tired spirits. Eventually we saw Gladys off, and I prepared a garlic broth and salad. I did a quick yoga practice, called my parents, and passed out early with my kitty perched on the end of my bed.