JASON WISECUP – Washington, D.C. – 2009

I hate Comcast!  I hate the bureaucracy!  I feel sick to my stomach. I leave work very early to meet the cable person.  The previous day, the Comcast phone rep charitably let me know that someone would be at my home between the hours of 9am and 7pm the following day.  I try to work from home.  I scan emails on my blackberry and I draft motions intended to ruin the lives of others, but my mind wanders.  My mind always wanders.  4pm: no cable person.  5pm: no cable person.  6pm: no cable person.  Frustration snowballs. I call Comcast.  I enter the mass of red-tape.  I’m transferred, ignored, misunderstood.  Out of it all, I understand only one thing: They can’t make it today.