JOANNA CHOY – Brooklyn – 2012

Happiest day to you….miss you and can’t wait to see you soon. 

One of my favorite memories of dad was when he took Ti and me to Del Taco in Agoura Hills (so much more preferable to Taco Bell), and he and Ti were making dumb jokes and goofing off and being silly, and I was of course mortified.  I think I must have been 12 and Ti was 8.  I looked over at the two of you sitting across the booth and whined, “Guys, stop being so weird” with my eyebrows raised and my head leaning against the back of my hand, elbow on the table.  So Dad looks at me, amused, and mimics me with his hand — “Guys stop being so weird!” and Ti chimes in and mocks me too.  “Yeah–stop being so WEIRD” and they keep at it until I start laughing too.  That was a fun day.

Love you Dad,