LISA WILSON – San Francisco – 2020

Walking into work at the Slanted Door there is a sense of frustration among the staff. We only have 60 covers on the books which is HALF of our normal reservations! But we really have no control over the general public being germaphobes with the mandatory WFH memo from companies in fidi. So without our usual business lunch crowd we have to surrender hope of making our typical income.
As we open the doors right at 11am a familiar face walks in. He is surrounded by a crew of support staff with clipboards and laptops. We seat him right in the center of the restaurant which is odd since we normally give V.I.P. our tables with more privacy. But because of the coronavirus panic creating more empty tables than ever before it actually felt perfect. It was like he had the entire restaurant to himself! I began to wonder if this was a common thread with celebrities who are still going out to eat.
Well, as I was singing his songs in my head his table was closing up. He walked slowly by me and looked right into my eyes. I looked right back into his kind and present eyes and said with a calm concerned voice, “Stay healthy out there Pharrell.” He responded with a smile, “Thank you so much ma’am!”
March 9th, 2020 will forever be the day I met Pharrell Williams and how I went from feeling bummed to feeling HAPPY!! Just like his song!