MICHELLE CASTILLO – Palm Springs – 2016

“Desert Musings” 
Note to self: Cancel work today
10:30 AM – Hiked the canyons and indulged in the ephemeral lives of desert wildflowers. I spent most of the day pretending I don’t have other things to do. Nature consumed me, and that was that.
6:15 PM – I had coffee with my speech pathologist friend who showed me a peculiar shiny contraption that helped his students create sentences and stories.
​7:00 PM – We proceeded to gravitate towards downtown Palm Springs for dinner. Tourist season had started, and snowbirds filled the strip. Suddenly my hometown felt vaguely familiar.
8:00 PM – I ordered a slice of lemon cake at my favorite diner (not pictured).
9:30 PM – I arrived home and waited for a text from someone I barely know.
 I sit down in front of my computer and try to edit my poetry but instead I fall asleep.