It’s a rainy one in Berkeley. So rainy, the folks putting up a new fence in our yard, spent the whole morning preparing drainage and “batting down the hatches” so the next week of rain won’t entirely destroy their work. It’s dark and cold and rainy. I grew up in Minnesota, but the cold from the dampness cuts right through the thickest down and wooly layers.
I got our littlest one (daughter is 1.5 years) out for a walk in the morning before the rain began. And then it came down in sheets.
My husband, who has lived in the Bay Area going on ten years, says he’s never had a real winter/rainy season like this ever. In my 6 years, I’ve probably experienced more rain in last two months that I have my entire time living out here.
Bodes well for our drought conditions, but I probably should have invested in some real goulashes this year!