SHANNON ROGERS – Oakland – 2010

The only thing I remember about March 9, which was less than a week ago, is that I thought about Jack Chang and how he has given March 9 meaning.  He’s made it special.  And what do I do with that?  I remember it’s special for about 10 seconds and then I go and forget the entire day.

Here is something I learned today.  I’ve learned it before and forgotten it.  I’m sure I’ll forget it and learn it again.  Here it is.  Ready?  Ok:

People are happy when they are themselves. 

I learned something else today:

I work with a bunch of duds.  I brought fake moustaches and carrot cake to work for a co-worker’s birthday and my boss turned the office birthday party into an “emergency meeting”.  No one protested.  We all sat around a table in the conference room wearing moustaches, eating carrot cake, and learning about how our system conversion is pretty much a failure and how our lives are going to worsen significantly once we go “live” with our new system in a few weeks.  As I sat there bestached, eating carrot cake with my frustrated but resigned coworkers at the uncomfortable birthday “party” it became clear to me that my soul was being crushed by my job.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

I am going to keep learning who I am and I am going to be that.  I’m going to get another job too.  This week or next week.  Viva March 9.