TOM SHANNON – Park City – 2014

I was a little (artificially) late waking up because of the daylight savings shift. Gunky the toddler was already up and making noise so there was no sleeping in.

Nicole went to let the cleaners into our new house and then we all had breakfast at a local pancake house.
I had a nice nap with the little one and then went with Nicole to see “Puppet Up” with members of Jim Henson’s team performing (as it turns out since it wasn’t advertised this way) muppet improv. It was fun to see and oddly coincidental since I see so much improvisation.
I did a little work that night for my clients – I take a day off here and there but I like to do a little every day if I can stomach it to stay on top of everything.
Then I watched the final episode of True Detective (sooooo good) and the first episode of the new Cosmos, which was fun.
I gotta say it was a good day.