TOM SHANNON – Park City – 2021

We got up early and went to breakfast at a restaurant–first time in a restaurant in a year, almost exactly.  It wasn’t the full-on restaurant experience, but rather a quarantine-style restaurant experience: we had breakfast in an Alpenglobe.  Just the three of us inside.

(note: not the actual Alpenglobe we were in, but this is what they look like)
After breakfast we came home.  Nicole and I had a couple work calls and we did homeschool with Simone (math, French, English, typing, handwriting, art, and science).  After that Simone played with some of her neighborhood friends.

Later on Nate came over and helped us get a big piece of furniture moved from the backyard of my in-laws into my car.  Then we all (Nate, Nicole, and I) hung out, masked, in our open garage with the propane heater on high while snow flurries tumbled down outside.  Can’t wait to be vaccinated and inside again.

(note: not a pic from March 9, but essentially the exact same hangout happened on March 9)
Then Nicole had a rehearsal for a zoom play she is doing.  Simone went to bed and I went to bed shortly afterward.  Oh–and since I neglected to change the air filters (weeks ago) on our heating system, the breaker on our furnace kicked in because it wasn’t drawing enough air and it got down to 50 degrees in the house overnight.

(note: not actual photo of me overnight in my unheated house)