TOM SHANNON – Park City – 2022

On March 9 I woke up, fed the dog and cats, walked the dog, and shoveled snow from our driveway for about 45mins (we got about 6″ overnight).  I then made coffee and sparkling water and jumped on a work call.  After that, I helped Simone with homeschooling.  She did math, typing, handwriting and social studies (currently working on the Antebellum period).  Nicole took Simone to get her braces tightened, which is a lot more painful than I ever would have guessed, not having had braces growing up.  While they were gone, I read a bit from “The Myth of Persecution” by Candida Moss.  Simone got back home just in time for her online French class with the French Institute/Alliance Francaise.  After that Simone and I went to a neighbor’s house to hang out.  My neighbor made short ribs while Simone and their kids made doll dresses (see pic).  Nicole stayed home to rearrange some furniture.  After that, Simone and I came home and we all watched an episode of The Simpsons.  Then it was off to bed for Simone.  I watched a couple more videos on Youtube then went to bed and read some more before falling asleep.