JASON WISECUP – Washington, D.C. – 2010

I am stunned by her.  By her.  By her.  She stands in front of the entryway to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA.  She is new goth.  She is Juno and Jenny Humphrey rolled into one.  As her friend prepares to snap her photo . . . she awkwardly lets her dark, scraggily hair down from a bun.  She looks at the bazillion people waiting to enter, waiting on her.  She looks back at her friend and her eyes urge her friend to hurry.

Most people think goths are supposed to be ugly.  Emoism has changed that.  Viva la change!  Or something.

I ogle the hot people here.  Models with an overabundance of dark eye makeup1 bump into each other to get good looks at the Edward Scissorhands suit, Jack dolls, Batman masks, and Burton’s other unrealized creations.

I wander to a window overlooking the main exhibit: Two women; one young, one old.  Staring at eachother.  Unmoving.  Lights illuminate them from every direction.  They must be thinking that

1 Note: One can never have too much eye makeup.