March 9, 2021 was a rainy day and also a Tuesday which is the day our family goes to the local farmer’s market. Lately, however, since I’m pregnant and exhausted by the end of the day, I’ve been staying home while my husband takes our toddler in the wagon to get the organic goods. This Tuesday, however, I had a hunger for Thai food and volunteered to go pickup take-out from our favorite spot. Thai Table is owned by Tumi who catered our wedding (a street party in Berkeley). This was before the restaurant opened and Tumi was making food out of a partnering kitchen that she rented space from. We love that she has her own restaurant now and that it is thriving in Covid-times. As I stepped forth to pick up food, the masked lady at the table situated in the front door asked my name. As I stated “Michelle” – she immediately burst into light and energy (a trademark of Tumi). She bubbled over, practically jumped over the table, and as much as she could keep at a distance, reached out and excitedly greeted me, asked how my husband was, and asked how we knew about her restaurant. I told her gleefully, “Gurl, we’ve known about your place since the day it opened!” Amazing to have, on a rainy cold spring night in Berkeley, the warmth of a connection to a thriving small business and its incredible owner, beloved by us and so many others, a touchpoint to our wedding memories, and the glow of an individual who is proud to know her community and the food that feeds us.