TOM SHANNON – Park City – 2023

Early in the morning, around 6am and before I woke up, Nicole left for Los Angeles for the weekend.  When she got to the airport, she texted me that she thought she may have forgotten something, so I had to get up to search her room, maybe 630ish.  Turns out she had not forgotten it, so that’s good.

I then began my weekday morning ritual of reading newsletter emails from the NYT, HackerNews Daily, and The Daily Beast.  At the end of the NYT newsletter headlines and skimming/reading the occasional articles, I do the word games (in order): The Spelling Bee, The Mini-Crossword, and Wordle. 

Thursdays are usually light on the calendar for whatever reason, so I often get to do more head-down, focused work.  On March 9, I got to work on (in the sense of, “it was my good fortune to have the opportunity to work on”) fleshing-out a proof-of-concept for a client, demonstrating more fully an idea I had earlier only sketched out.  It was challenging and engaging work, the best kind of work.  I might have even smiled at some point while I was working on it.

Mose did her homeschool assignments; I took her to swim practice, where I continued reading The Novel: A Biography by Michael Schmidt, then straight away dropped her off at theater rehearsal for the musical Once Upon a Mattress.

Traffic heading home was reminiscent of Los Angeles Traffic, bumper-to-bumper almost the whole way–which is thankfully rare.  Apparently there had been two separate crashes in either of the only two directions I could take.

Once I got home, I worked a little more on the couch in front of some Youtube videos, trying to do more of a 4×10 week instead of a 5×8 so that Friday could be light.

At 8pm I picked up the kiddo.  We went home and watched the second episode of History of The World Part II on Hulu and then we read a few pages aloud from Stephen King’s new book Fairy Tale, which we have only just started.  Then it was off to toilette and bed around 10pm.